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    Default Petrol Pump Abnormalities

    Hoping someone can answer this, and to see if it occuring elsewhere.

    I have noticed that ever since the petrol price increased dramatically 2yrs ago that whenever I put petrol in my car before the fuel starts to pump the meters roll over anywhere from 10 cents up to about 30cents.

    I never used to bother lets face it when your putting 100lts in a 4x4 20 cents is nothing but after thinking thats 20cents per customer that adds up to a nice free profit for the service station.

    I have asked occasionally when it has been in the higher range to recieve anything from no response to Dont know to "Are you Sure".

    Id be interested to see if this is happening anywhere else or do most people dont notice it. I didnt at first till i caught it and i wasnt sure that I wasnt seeing things so now i pay attention.

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    Default Re: Petrol Pump Abnormalities

    I have never noticed it, but i guess one way to check if you are getting you money's worth would be to simply divide the price by the amount of litres and see if it equates to their advertised price.

    And if i doesnt you should get the purchase for free according to consumer laws...

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    Default Re: Petrol Pump Abnormalities

    Just in case anyone was wondering, the shut off for the fuel is in the trigger handle.
    So if you try to get every ml of fuel don't bother lifting the hose up to drain the hose(a friend of mine has managed servos for years and has seen many try this and more) the excess fuel is only from in the nozzle.
    So simply tilt the nozzle to allow the excess to drain, this also reduces the chance that you spill fuel on the body of the car as you remove the nozzle.

    Sting, although I have no evidence of this, it is possible that the fuel(or excess or pressure) in the hose and pump is released/drained (intentionally or unintentionally) back into the tank and when the pump turns on it primes the fuel back into the hose(although one would think that the pumps need to stay primed, maybe it's just a small build up of pressure in the hose). This would have many variables and give varied results...........that's my guess anyway

    Might ask my friend about this when I see him again.


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    Default Re: Petrol Pump Abnormalities

    No both meters price and litres roll over so that that will not work the only way I suppose is to take a measured container and that will give you an accurate measurement but service stations will only let you fill approved containers. I have even had then come out and check the container it was one of those new fuel bladders. So taking a clear bottle with a marked line is not allowed.

    As I said we are only talking 200 to 300mls per time but if you get 1000 cars a day (and some bigger places do 5 to 10 times more than that) thats over $1500 a week for no cost.

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    Default Re: Petrol Pump Abnormalities

    My bike has a 17 litre tank. I've often been able to add over 17 litres of fuel into the tank. I'lso added over 16 litres when I've only done just over 210km. (Odometer is accurate).

    It doesn't faze me but I do make a point of letting the manager of the fuel stop know.


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