Hello All

As most of you know, a lot of companies at the moment are doing capital raisings in a bid to sure up their balance sheets. I see this as very good opportunities to make a good return in a short time frame.

Most of these companies announce a share purchase plan ( SPP ) and if on the day of announcement you buy shares in the company then you have the opportunity to participate. You only need to own one share in a stock and then on the date you can take up to usually $15,000 worth of shares at the discount price.

For example i was told about the SPP for graincorp and ausenco on the announcement date, bought 10 shares of each. Three days later at 7pm the SPP closed and i owned the stock. Now on the 27th of July i can take up $15,000 worth of shares in each stock at a discount.

Graincorp : Price Today = $ 7.40 SPP price = $6.25 Discount = approx 19%

Ausenco : Price Today = $ 4.05 SPP price = $3.20 Discount = approx 27%

Therefore if i take up $30,000 dollars worth i make approx 23 % which will be about $7000 in two weeks. Not Bad.

I have heard of other companies doing SPP's like minemakers. Therefore the purpose of this forum is to get anyone to post potential capital raisings or capital raising announcements.