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    Strange place to be asking this on a stock forum I know, but has anyone used one of those indusrial type "jet" heaters?

    The ones that run on diesel / kero or gas and that some people refer to as looking like a jet engine. Like these http://www.spitwaterqld.com.au/heate...ro_diesel.html

    I've got a nice big workshop and storage area, 140m2 roughly, but this cold weather is getting a bit much. Was in there on the weekend and it was 12 degrees inside, and that's with the small heater I have now running flat out.

    On the plus side it makes sanding wood easy - just hold the sand paper and shiver. Not much fun being in there after a while though once you notice that you can see your breath inside.

    Main question I have is about the diesel ones. I'd get the smallest one, rated at about 14 kW it's the perfect size. But do they make a smell or otherwise emit nasty fumes? Do they burn cleanly? Or will one of these make my workshop smell like a bus depot? (For those not aware, there is no exhaust pipe to the outside on these heaters, they are completely portable apart from needing to be plugged in to power to run the fan).

    I'd go for gas (LPG) as they are cheaper to buy and couldn't be a problem with fumes but the cost of LPG is a bit ridiculous here ($44 for 8.5kg cylinder) so the extra cost for a diesel one would pay for itself in fuel savings. $1.70 an hour with diesel versus $5.15 an hour for the same heat from LPG. A bigger cylinder works out cheaper to run, but still more than diesel and there's cylinder rental costs plus the gas fitter to install it too.

    Anyone have any experience with these heaters and can comment on how clean they burn? I'd rather know if they smell before finding out the hard way.

    If it doesn't work out then I'm back to looking at other ideas like big electric heaters, a wood fire or maybe a large LPG cylinder. All of those mean messing about with a bigger mains cable for the power, flue for the wood or getting a gas fitter to install a big LPG bottle. The diesel fan heater just sounds like an easier and probably cheaper way if it runs clean enough.

    Anyone know?

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    Default Re: Industrial heaters

    Obviously i dont know your situation or the layout of your shed, but i would suggest a free standing potbelly stove/fire place. If you have access to cheap/free firewood this is def the way to go, they throw out heaps of heat, and all you need to do is put a flu up for the chimeny

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