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    Default Trading stocks not on ASX?

    Hi there,

    I have a share certificate for a company that is not listed on the ASX. I am awaiting a copy of their Financial Statements so I can try and assess their value.

    I purchased them in 2000 hoping that they would one day list on the ASX, needless to say I am still waiting.

    My question......is there any means by which you can trade stocks that are not listed on the ASX?

    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Trading stocks not on ASX?

    You might have to find a private buyer.

    Have you looked on the Bendigo exchange? They may be listed on there.

    Another option might be to ring the company and enquire if they buy back shares from shareholders. Maybe they might have employees (or directors)that are looking to increase their holdings.
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    Default Re: Trading stocks not on ASX?

    www.assob.com.au may be able to help also

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    Default Re: Trading stocks not on ASX?

    do a company search and see if how many shares are on issue.. speak to the directors see if they want to buy them.. have they struck any dividends ?
    All depends on size and profitabilty of the business..

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    Default Re: Trading stocks not on ASX?

    Thanks for the responses. I checked Assob....no luck there. Also checked the Bendigo exchange and nothing there either.

    I'll wait to i get their financials and pass on to my accountant to assess their value before i try to sell. He thinks they will be worth a lot as i got them 10 years ago and they are now international company with offices overseas....but i'm not so sure.

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