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    Default Top 5-10 mid tier copper producers?

    i have googled this but cant really draw any conclusions but who would be the biggest mid tier producers who are actually digging it up and selling it in oz as opposed to explorers


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    Default Re: Top 5-10 mid tier copper producers?

    A couple of others are

    PNA: produces gold and silver as well from their PHU KHAM mine

    ABY: produces copper from their nifty mine up north WA

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    Default Re: Top 5-10 mid tier copper producers?

    I doubt that there is 10 mid tier copper producers listed on the ASX
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    Default Re: Top 5-10 mid tier copper producers?

    CUO: Copperco

    What a little gem. Ramping up production, recommended as a BUY from many large brokers.

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    Default Re: Top 5-10 mid tier copper producers?

    KZL - Kagara
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