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    Default Something for the fundamentalists - ASSOB

    While it doesnt quite fit in 'ASX' stock chat, this seems the best section.

    I subscribed to Smart Capital magazine thanks to the generous free offer they gave ASF members and in it they mention ASSOB often.

    ASSOB = Aus Small Scale Offerings Board

    Essentially what it is, is a site for private investor to be able to invest in shares of non-listed publice, or private, companies. So essentially it allows people to go on there, look at various co's prospectuses and invest (min 10k) into an up and comin company in the hope thta they will get a ROI when the company either gets taken over or lists on the ASX in a few years time.

    So what people can do through this site is act like a business angel, but on a bit smaller scale

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    Default Re: Something for the fundamentalists - ASSOB

    I have had a look at this and it does have some interesting options available for investors who want to get in early on a possible IPO down the track or trade sale job. I have loooked around for information and some have provided some good info. Anyway, has anyone actually invested in a company on the ASSOB boards? And if you did how have you found the experience!

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    Default Re: Something for the fundamentalists - ASSOB

    This seems like the type of investment that is really for a "sophisticated Investor" more so than the average guy.

    Sounds like it would be very easy to get burned and lose a whole bunch of capital.

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    Default Re: Something for the fundamentalists - ASSOB

    I clicked on the ASSOB Success Stories tab and did a straight cut and paste below.

    ASSOB Success Stories
    Content coming soon.

    Statistics: 172 Closed Trades since July 07, Trades: Winners 135 - Losers 37, Expectancy/$1 Risked: $0.78

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    Default Re: Something for the fundamentalists - ASSOB

    Cheap way for them to raise capital, high risk for investors
    Plenty of unbreakable rock solid business small to medium cap stocks on the asx that generate awesome return with less risk

    I stick with our ASX superstars investing required a bit of work, the more time you put in the better your return, trouble is most people expect high return by throw a few bucks around without too much effort...

    Good luck to them
    "cash - a call option with no expiration date, an option on every asset class, with no strike price. Warren Buffett

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