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    Default Manny Cassimatis...Dead

    Ok as we all know gg is away in an IP blackspot and in an Internet void somewhere around Belarus, Kazakhstan or Lithuania.

    So I suppose this is up to me to announce the sad news that Manny Cassimatis is dead at 93.

    A fellow aviator and a hero.
    I believe that the "Mo Bar" was quite a place to be seen in St Louis in the early 70's.

    Read all about it here......


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    Default Re: Manny Cassimatis...Dead

    Solly, that is fantastic, you would not be able to buy the look on GG's face when he reads the thread headline, i only hope he isn't sipping a cheeky little chardonnay over the keyboard of his computer when he reads it, what a mess that will be

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    Default Re: Manny Cassimatis...Dead


    I had my pom poms ready and everything.

    That was mean to get our hopes up like that Solly
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    Default Re: Manny Cassimatis...Dead

    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Osisofliver View Post

    I had my pom poms ready and everything.

    That was mean to get our hopes up like that Solly
    lol, it was good though. I was thinking "93 he wasn't 93 was he?"
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    Default Re: Manny Cassimatis...Dead

    Goodness, Solly, I felt quite shocked when I read the headline.

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    Default Re: Manny Cassimatis...Dead

    Someone needs to forward that link to Mr 'storm' cassimatis with a heading along the lines of 'and your next'

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