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    Default ABC1 - The Ascent of Money

    If anyone is interested.

    Episode one "Dreams of Avarice" from last night (Thursday) is now up on ABC iView.
    Next week covers the bond markets.

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    Default Re: ABC1 - The Ascent of Money

    Hadn't seen this - thanks Boggo.
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    Default Re: ABC1 - The Ascent of Money

    you can also watch all the episodes on google video for free here. Very interesting series. Recommended.

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    Reminder, ABC 1 tonight Thursday @ 8:30.

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    Last night's episode gave a very good history of how the bond markets developed over the last 600 years, not much on 20th Century markets though. If anyone is interested.

    Next week's episode is on company shares.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billhill View Post
    you can also watch all the episodes on google video for free here. Very interesting series. Recommended.
    Great, now I'm watching next weeks........ Hate waiting, the world passes by in the meantime and then you forget to tune in!

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    Default Re: ABC1 - The Ascent of Money

    thanks for that guys, really interesting viewing here.


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    Default Re: ABC1 - The Ascent of Money

    yes, the show is very interesting and gives a good history into the different financial products. There are 6 episodes in total

    Ep. 1: Dreams of avarice - The start of money and credit

    From Shylock's pound of flesh to the loan sharks of Glasgow, from the "promises to pay" on Babylonian clay tablets to Medici banking system. Professor Ferguson explains the origins of credit and debt and why credit networks are indispensable to any civilisation.

    Ep. 2: Human bondage - Bond Markets

    How did finance become the realm of the masters of the universe? Through the rise of the bond market in Renaissance Italy. With the advent of bonds, war finance was transformed and spread to north-west Europe and across the Atlantic. It was the bond market that made the Rothschilds the richest and most powerful family of the 19th century. And today governments are asking it to bail them out.

    Ep. 3: Blowing bubbles - Share markets

    Why do stock markets produce bubbles and busts? Professor Ferguson goes back to the origins of the joint stock company in Amsterdam and Paris. He draws telling parallels between the current stock market crash and the 18th century Mississippi Bubble of Scottish financier John Law and the 2001 Enron bankruptcy. He shows why humans have a herd instinct when it comes to investment, and why no one can accurately predict when the bulls might stampede.

    Ep. 4: Risky business - Insurance

    Life is a risky business which is why people take out insurance. But faced with an unexpected disaster, the state has to step in. Professor Ferguson travels to post-Katrina New Orleans to ask why the free market can't provide adequate protection against catastrophe. His quest for an answer takes him to the origins of modern insurance in the early 19th century and to the birth of the welfare state in post-war Japan.

    Ep. 5: Safe as houses - Property

    It sounded so simple: give state-owned assets to the people. After all, what better foundation for a property-owning democracy than a campaign of privatisation encompassing housing? An economic theory says that markets can't function without mortgages, because it's only by borrowing against their assets that entrepreneurs can get their businesses off the ground. But what if mortgages are bundled together and sold off to the highest bidder?

    Ep. 6: Chimerica - Globalistaion, Trade

    Niall Ferguson investigates the globalisation of the Western economy and the uncertain balance between the important component countries of China and the US. In examining the last time globalisation took hold before World War One, he finds a notable reversal, namely that today money is pouring into the English-speaking economies from the developing world, rather than out.

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