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    Just thought I'd share this - take note of the figure at the bottom right hand corner, showing a trade I'd just opened at -$279 866 007

    Haven't been brave enough to check back yet A pity it wasn't in the positive, I could have cashed out and done a runner
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    lol, hope u can get away!

    IG Markets Ltd is part of IG Group listed on the FTSE250. Profits are gonna get hit by a cool 280 Million...
    Time to short it : D
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    i assume thats the Eur/Usd Jono ..... u should be feeling a little "better" right now

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    Strewth, what an anomaly! Thats one way to make you sit up and take notice...did you make a call to the help line?

    "Dump everything aggressively. Take the price to a place where it trades" - Michael Platt - Hedge Fund Market Wizards

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    Only $279Mil in the hole.... lol

    Surely a typo.

    Where is your stop loss?
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