"The director-general of federal government agency Emergency Management Australia, Tony Pearce, said the catastrophic disasters emergency management review was kept secret because of concerns it could "engender fear" in the community."

What a load of rubbish. What does this wanker think.......that "engendering fear" in the community means that everyone is going to have sleepless nights and be in a constant state of fear. Rubbish, Rubbish, Rubbish! The truth is that this wanker has something to fear - being found out as totally incompetent.

I find is amusing that whenever a bureaucrat or politican has something to hide (ie incompetence, or being just plain stupid) they put a smokescreen over the issue by stating "not in the public interest" or will "engender community fear" or some other such crap.

This man is clearly not the right person for the job. Fire him, and the rest of them. Or better still ............. Off with their heads.

To paraphrase Edward Langley (1928-1995) - "What this country needs is more unemployed politicans and bureaucrats".