Is the end of oil coming sooner than we think?

Here’s the upshot: if you plan to drive a car or heat a house or light a room in 2030, The Talk is telling you your options will be limited, to say the least. Even if you’re convinced climate change is UN-sponsored hysteria or every last puff of greenhouse gas will soon be buried forever a mile underground or ducks look their best choking on tar sands tailings, Dave Hughes is saying your way of life is over. Not because of the clouds of smoke, you understand, but because we’re running out of what makes them.
The SMH ran a recent feature on electric cars and it seems Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and others will have full electric cars on sale (pricing somewhere above $30k) in Australia from 2011.

Buy some coal stocks. Dust off those Uranium stock charts again and place some long term bets.