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    Default Standard Transfer Form?

    I bought shares in AGP recently and have just received a "Standard Transfer Form" from Etrade.

    What's this all about? All my previous trades have been fully electronic with no such paperwork. No all of a sudden I've got this form complete with return express post envelope?

    I assume this is a legit form and not a scam? First time I've seen one and I've been buying and selling for years without it.

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    Default Re: Standard Transfer Form?

    Do you trade through eTrade, assume you do.

    Only time I've seen that form is transfering HIN.

    Could you have held them under a different SRN or HIN (like company sponsored) and initiated a CHESS Sponsorhip Transfer?

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    Default Re: Standard Transfer Form?

    Yes I trade with Etrade.

    The form is already filled out with details of the seller and my details also so I just need to sign and post it.

    Main thing I'm wanting to confirm is that it's a legit form and not a scam etc?

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