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    I have been receiving email spam lately and operate Outlook Express . Spending money on spam fighters is a waste when you can do it yourself especially if you donnot know anyone with email addresses ending in @msn.com or @gmail.com or whatever . This applies to Outlook Express only , not sure if you can do it with other email programs. The following instructions will delete messages off your server before it gets into your PC inbox.

    1 Open Outlook express
    3 Click NEW
    4 Option 1 Check box > WHERE FROM LINE CONTAINS
    5 Option 2 Check box > DELETE IT FROM SERVER
    6 Option 3 Click on contains people
    7 Type @msn.com (or whatever domain you want to block such as @gmail.com or an individual email address 123456@msn.com etc )
    8 Click ADD
    9 Click OK
    10 Click OK
    11 Click APPLY NOW > (make sure the Apply to Folder = Inbox)
    12 Click APPLY NOW > OK
    13 Click CLOSE
    14 Click OK

    (You can add to your list later on , BY skipping step 3 , 4 & 5).
    My example above will delete any email from msn.com

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    Awesome... Just a had a sudden spam influx these last few days. Thanks for that SS

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    Default Re: How to delete Outlook Express spam

    the following can be added to the list


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