taxloss selling always brings these babies down as they often make people LOSE MOney before I continue ..yes HIGH RISK PLAYS..they are.

Titan has sat down in this level for some time very unliked.
except for a company in WA..consmin csm ...diversified company think its in asx200 now and profits are growing.''PLENT CASH TO BUY BABIES''
CSM holds about 20% in titan they may one day look closer @ buying more before more gpod news is announced by titan last two are encouraging upgrade to nickel. 5.8cent .

GTG ..could surprise on up for a change near 2months is expected in big way from settlement with Applera.
chart shows it could spike up rather than gradual..hence surprise i said.
2 long downward wedges over the last year/s.. pattern could flaten out soon.
yes its apunt here only ...comfortable to hold both for now.cheers