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    Lets discuss whats the most profitable trade in shares you have made. Did you expect these results or were just amazed when cashed it.

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    3 yrs ago I started trading the method which is now called techtrader.

    All testing showed that un leveraged it should return around 26% a year.
    Leveraged by Margin at say 2.5X thats around 65% on capital invested.

    Now 3 yrs later I closed all positions about 8 weeks ago. (The same System is still being traded live for those on Reefcap (which is off line at the moment waiting for Mr Radges ASIC certification) returns are currently $227,000

    Less starting capital of $30,000 and leveraged borrowed funds $70,000.
    So on the $30,000 startong capital I now have $127,000 profit or 423% over 3 yrs. My own personal portfolio was close to this (388%).
    So it exceeded all expectations----and I'm not alone I know of 16 people using the method or a derivative of it and they have had similar returns.

    Forgetting interest and brokerage as well as dividends---which are close to evening out.

    I know why we were able to achieve better and I also know (Through more testing) how I think even more can be made by better position sizing and an Index based timer for being in or out of the market.

    Those interested in the sharp downturn and our drawdown---the method lost approx $30k of the (Then ) $229,000 balance. As can be seen most has been recovered but as of today think about $6000 will be snatched back.

    Biggest returns of over 200-300% were and are as some are still held (some 400%+).
    CTB,(UTB,QBE TOL),ALL,SFE PMM ANN.(In brackets---still held)

    The most pleasing thing for me is the sustained time period and number of high profit trades,rather than one hit wonders---mind you they can be nice too.

    Had $4600 off $660 on an options trade once-----BIL

    But wont talk about the $20K losses over the next 3 yrs.

    Yes Ive lost---Lots---- 1994-1999---see idiots can lose big time during a screaming bull market---I was one of them!.

    Yes Im well ahead NOW of losses.
    I trade 2 other methods as well as this one (which Ive just re entered---great timing ehhh.)

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    Australian Hospital Care- bout 9mths before Mayne launched a takeover bid

    made about a four-bagger if i remember correctly

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    Default Re: Most profitable trade

    I haven't been doing this for very long so haven't had anything spectacular yet.

    Currently sitting on a 20% gain with RHC over the 2 months I've held it. Got about 15% over 6 days with PSD recently, and about 21% over 2 weeks with MIS.

    Biggest loss in the shortest time? Well, that would have to be with TMO (now where have I heard that name mentioned recently ). A 22% loss over about 2 weeks when it suddenly dived 20% in one day

    And an earlier affair with GAA wasn't too hot either.


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    I just wanted to say congratulations tech/a! A true success story like "423% over 3 yrs" gets me really excited about taking the time to research and pursue a share portfolio. I bet you got a big tax bill when you sold! I'm going to research your posts and see what I can learn from you to emulate your success. I love learning from people who 'practice what they preach'.

    My most profitable trade was KIM (Kimberly Diamond) of which I bought a parcel on 18/12/2003 for $1887 and sold on 19/02/2004 for $3033 which, if my calculations are correct is a 60% increase.

    Overall in that same period with a total of $7,939 invested I ended up with $9378 which is an 18% increase in 2 months. (I held KIM, VBA, HHG and ENE).

    This was a positive experience for me but:

    1) I didn't like paying the tax
    2) This was a short term success and I got lucky on the shares I chose (I think if I was still holding these same ones I would be down overall)

    I am looking for more long term success like tech/a has achieved, and 400%+ increases sound wonderfully appealing.

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    Not sure what my best one was but RPM, ERA, CTX, SBM and MMN would be up there. All were short term trades except CTX (should have just held ERA instead of being in and out though - would have done better that way).

    But I certainly do know what the worst one was...Pasminco - full 100% loss. Moral of the story? Just because you like the company and know how the smelters work doesn't make it a good investment.

    Worst trade? Bought what was then Crest Magnesium at 7.7c. It became Indcor and I eventually sold at 0.2c a matter of weeks before it shot up. Now it's around 22c with yet another name change (I think it's called Australian Ethanol now).

    Best luck? Opened a forex account and made 650% on my deposited funds in 3 days. Certainly more luck than skill and I haven't been able to come anywhere close to that rate of profit again and don't expect to.

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    Default Re: Most profitable trade

    I bet you got a big tax bill when you sold!

    Will have this years tax.
    Its is mitigated a bit due to most holdings over 12 mths.

    But if the tax department and the Govt were serious about all of us making good for our retirement and funds were continued to be used in longterm wealth creation then they'd abolish tax on these and all Super profits.

    (No its not in My Super).

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