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    Default Go Markets down?

    hi all

    can anyone access their accounts in Go Markets? I can log in ok, but when it comes to my account all i get is a blank screen. Same for any other screens within Go Markets.

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    Default Re: Go Markets down?

    It seems to be okay for me at 3:58pm...can see charts...account info etc

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    Default Re: Go Markets down?

    ok thanks, i will try again.

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    Default Re: Go Markets down?

    hi, are you in Go Trader?

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    Default Re: Go Markets down?

    ok cool, ive just tried it again and everything seems fine,


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    Default Re: Go Markets down?

    cool..yes, i was in GoTrader btw

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    Default Re: Go Markets down?

    Anyone else not able to trade futures with Go Markets at the moment?

    They said last week they were upgrading their Futures price feed. However, I'm still locked out of trading the SPI with them - phoned again this morning and they said it will still be days away until it's available for trading.

    Charts are all working OK - just trading is disabled...

    Might unfund the account...
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    Default Has Go Markets server crashed?

    Is anyone else having big connection problems with GO Markets at the moment?

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