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    Default ING Savings week promotion

    Has anyone else registered for this?

    I'm currently awaiting an email from them, but as it stands, my understanding is that if one registers for this (if already an existing customer), and deposits the required funds before August 30 - you will receive $100 in bonus interest.

    Since I've already got an account with them, but actually have nothing in it (moved onto much higher rates at Bankwest), it'll hopefully be as easy as described above. I personally intend on depositing the $20,000 a few days before the closing date, and withdrawing it soon thereafter

    I know it sounds terribly cheap, but heck; it's an easy $100! Mad to pass on it. As I said though, I may be misinterpreting this - and am currently awaiting a reply. Perhaps others may know more though (maybe a condition to keep the money in there for a month, or something)
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    Default Re: ING Savings week promotion

    I refused to click on it, because they wouldn't tell me straight up what the offer was

    Sounds easy to me if that is the case. Likewise I took most of my money out of there as they started providing ****ty rates, but I'll whack in 20 if it gives me $100 in a day or two..

    Post up their response anyhow.

    p.s. I assume they would require a minimum period.
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    Default Re: ING Savings week promotion

    Hi Nyden, Did you find out if there are any conditions if we deposit 20k into the account just before 31 August 09?

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