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    Thought I'd start a thread on websites that have ripped us off as I have just been.

    I ordered a book for my father's birthday thru AbeBooks (www.abebooks.com). Book Cost: $20USD, shipping $13USD (via sea - delivery 28 to 42 days). I could swallow that. Just received an email saying they were charging an extra $20USD because the packaged weight of the book exceeded 1 kilo. The book is hardback, 243 pages (A5). I have just weighed a hardback book with 345 pages and it weighed 640 grams. The book I purchased has 50 less physical pages then the book I weighed so would weigh around 580 grams..... So the packaging of the book weighs almost half a kilo and almost as much as the book itself ?????

    I won't be buying from this book seller ever again.

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    My favourite bookstore is http://www.bookdepository.co.uk, they offer free shipping and prices are generally competitive.

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