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    Default BXN - Bioxyne Limited

    Anybody to recomend me if i should keep PCC shares or sell them, i bought them at 19c about 3 months back, they are trading at just over 8c.Any hope from this company.Will appreciate the response from experienced traders.

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    Default PCC - Probiomics Limited

    Hi All,

    Watching this company yesterday, went up by 180% on news of a flu breakthrough, then back to .09c. Does anyone know whether this would be related to swine flu or could it just be worded in a way that makes it seem like it could help this pandemic?

    SOrry started a new topic as couldn't find this on the forums.

    Anyone else holding this share or have interests in the company?

    Thanks for any information


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    Default Re: PCC - Probiomics Limited

    A director buying notice just out.

    I saw that 1M buy go through on Friday and I guess that's got to be a positive sign.

    I have a few as a speccy play.

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