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    Hi Everybody,

    I have been building my trading library and currently have 15 of the best books available, from reminiscenes of a stock operator, to market wizards and trading for living, not to mention the general economic and finance books.

    I like to see books not only as a source of knowledge, but also as a collection that takes pride of place on my book shelf and enhances the feel of my living space. I wanted to ask forum members how big their collections are?


    Jesse Livermore

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    I have far to many books and done numerous courses,
    on many of these great masters:

    W D Gann
    R N Elliott
    L B Angas
    R Schabacker
    Jesse Livermore
    J Wells Wilder Jr
    Charles Dow
    John Bollinger

    As well as:
    Frank Tubbs
    Allan Andrews
    Dawn Bolton Smith
    Nicholas Darvas
    William Dunnigan
    Richard Donchian
    Robert Edwards
    Joseph Granville
    John Magee
    Robert Rhea
    George Taylor
    Richard Wyckoff
    H M Gartley
    J M Hurst

    And of course:
    Guppy,Tate and Larry Williams

    Presently reading:
    Harry S Dent Jr "The Next Great Bubble Boom"
    & Brent Penfold "Trading the Spi"

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