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    Default IFN - Infigen Energy

    Formerly BBW (Babcock and Brown Wind), I have been quite fond of this stock for some time now.

    I thought it worthy of a new thread with the name change etc.

    I am quite interested in investing further in Renewable Energy stocks and was wondering if anyone would like to point me towards any others that i could research.

    Back to IFN I came across a report today which may explain some of today's gains...however not sure if i can post it here as it mentions targets?? This stock has been a solid performer for me since i bought in March.



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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    Hi, new to this site, so not sure of the rules etc. interested in the report though, maybe you could post a web link?
    on your question of other renewables, there's a heap out there - here are a few I'd suggest warrent further investigation, most of them I'm into to varying degrees:
    CNM (carnegie corp)- a simple wave power company that generates simultaneously base load power and desalinated water, with most of the parts being mass producable, have recently gone up 90% or so, but my guess is thats just the beginning. they've had a lot happen in the last 6mths.
    DYE (dyesol ltd) - a 3rd generation solar technology that is in the form of liquid dye - replicates photosynthesis, and can be painted onto or built into any surface such as walls, roofs, sails, raw building materials, etc. just about to launch their first manufacturing facility in oz, partnerships in asia.
    GDY (geodynamics) - the most advanced geothermal producer in oz, as far as i know, not in terms of technology necessarily but in terms of having proof of concept out of the way and looking at hooking up to the grid through multiple wells near olympic dam in the next couple of years. geothermal is such a long play though, 10-20yrs till sizable megawatts.
    WOR - worley parsons, and engineering consultancy, while totally in bed with the rape and pillage resource players, these guys are also underwriting a jv proposal to the state government of the worlds largest solar array to be built here in wa.
    EVM - envrimissions, a non-specific renewables project company
    NLB - a former explorer (perhaps they were'nt very good at that!) that has gone into recycling tyres. just had a massive jump though, I'm waiting to see if it's a bubble, since they can't explain why. solid cashflow potential though, as people pay to get rid of the tyres, and others buy the broken down result.
    VIR - viridus clean energy fund - another clean energy infrastructure fund.
    thats the best of what I've found. good luck.

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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    Welcome to the site,

    Quote Originally Posted by rowanlogie View Post
    Hi, new to this site, so not sure of the rules etc. interested in the report though, maybe you could post a web link?


    I was like wth WOR.. Got in at $39 left at $37... then it went down to $14 or so.

    My one great escape, if you will.[/QUOTE]

    however not sure if i can post it here as it mentions targets??
    If you can provide us an outline of *WHY* the report chooses it's target... *OR* with the report, then mention the target.

    That is perfectly acceptable.

    Just, please for the love of god, don't just say:
    I read a report, and it said IFN should be $5 by 31/12/2009.

    But, acceptable alternatives include:
    Iread *this report, available here, www.*...*, and it said IFN should be $5 by 31/12/2009


    I read this report, it said IFN should be $5 by 31/12/2009 because of x, y and z.

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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    0122 GMT [Dow Jones] With sector consolidation activity driven by Federal
    government's renewable energy targets, traders say wind power firm Infigen Energy
    (IFN.AU) (formerly Babcock & Brown Wind) coming into focus as potential target after
    completing its separation from Babcock & Brown, divesting European assets and
    securing Australian development pipeline. IFN, which has flagged some further asset
    sales, last up 2.5 cents or 2% at A$1.27 and up 50% in last 6 weeks. Traders say
    potential interested parties could include Origin (ORG.AU), which bought Wind Power
    yesterday for an undisclosed sum, AGL Energy (AGK.AU) and offshore interests, with ORG
    and AGK both seeking to beef up their wind portfolio and sitting on fair amounts of cash.
    ORG, AGK both decline to comment but have both said parts of IFN's portfolio hold
    appeal. IFN spokeswoman declines to comment. One senior trader says there's some
    talk that IFN could attract bids of A$1.70-A$1.75 a share, and another reckons interested
    parties could pay A$1.80 a share, which could value IFN at up to A$1.48 billion. (DWR)



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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    Thank you for the direction on the renewables. I have a few of those on my watchlist but many i didn't know about. Will do some research on the ones i know little about.



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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    Number of advantages

    Share buyback program IFN is undertaking- which increases EPS, therefore increases share price.

    High Dividend Yield

    Potential for takeover

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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    I guess these high winds have got the turbines spinning faster

    Up 6.59% today, looks like IFN has broken out of it's holding pattern.

    (disc) I hold quite a few

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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    sharp dip today...any ideas why?

    volume has been reasonable although not much depth north of current price. hopefully picks back up although im in this for the long haul..

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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    analysts are nervous on the US asset sale. that is my best guess as to the dip. i think the stock is a great opportunity at these levels but the short term is definitely dependant on the result of the US sale which will be out in a few weeks i think.

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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    IFN caught my attention today with the sell off.

    I am a holder, but couldn't resist grabbing a few more today.

    The whole market was weak today and a lot of energy stocks didn't fare very well, a drop in oil prices didn't help.

    I wonder if the following item from the Financial Review was still weighing on some minds out there:

    Author: Jenny Wiggins
    Source: The Australian Financial Review --- Page: 18
    There are concerns about the sale of Infigen Energy's US wind farm assets.The renewable energy company has been trying to sell the assets, valued at about$A550 million, since August 2009. Kynwynn Strong, of Goldman Sachs, said that the delay suggests difficulty in finding a buyer. Infigen has abandoned the sale of its German wind farms and sold its French wind farms for a lower price than expected
    The above story is old news already ....

    I watched the general sell off today and was curious what would happen if it breached the $1.20 support level. Well, it did breach $1.20 and volume picked up almost instantly. I saw some pretty large orders sitting there at $1.17 and knew that it was unlikely to go any further down due the amount of support.

    At $1.18 the fall stopped and buying started, supply started to dry up and I picked up my lot at $1.185. So, I am quite happy with that.

    Having fallen below the support of $1.20 should have cleared out most of the stop losses. There is still some downward threat to the next support level of $1.06 from July last year, but I think the buying volume at $1.18 - $1.19 today will help with a rebound.
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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    Wow, does anyone have any insight into what has driven this current action, down to 85 odd cents? I am considering this from a long term perspective, via my SMSF.... surely in a carbon constrained future, whatever form that takes, and with new RET legislation in the pipework, this company has to be well positioned.... perhaps its a debt issue again.... On market share buyback is helping price a tad atm, and is a good sign for capital structure, but still not clear on what would be a good potential entry point....

    Disc: i hold 0 of these....

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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    Price drop came from the announcement that the US assets were not sold, and dividend would be 2c for the year.

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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    IFN is certainly not in favour at the moment. Market obviously wasn't happy with the production and revenue report.

    Didn't seem too bad to me - production a whisker short of guidance with revenue exceeding the FY2010 guidance.

    Getting very close to IFN's all time low.
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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    Much better day today - up 16.39% on double normal volume. Seems we hit "seller exhaustion"
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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    Starting to feel like I own the IFN thread

    In any case I did, against the words of wisdom of many against the tactic, follow this little sucker down with a purchase every $0.05 or so. So now I am in selling mode...

    A very strong bounce off the $0.60 line, and in all honesty not sure why. With a volume of over 10 million yesterday and close to that today one can only assume that the "smart money" stepped in.

    What is of concern is the lack of consolidation and accumulation at the rebound level. Maybe someone more learned than I can suggest something different, but without without consolidation, the most likely outcome is a heavy dump probably at the $0.78 - $0.80 level - being the previous short term resistance level.
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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    G'day Roland , and i'm still watchin this one with you.
    As far sp goes its not for me to guess atm. I held in the BBW days and got burned some and well now maybe the wind stopped blowin in the northern winter and eleccy production dropped off, i dont know, but still watchin , and think the world isn't green enough for renewables of this kind just yet. So keep the faith

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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    Solid basing pattern. Being accumulated, even today. Lot of bot activity. Broader market seems to be holding it in check. Interesting one.

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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    IFN got a decent whack today. Nearly 12% on a less than bright AGM. Like a dumbo, I followed this thing down and bought in on the lows today - averaging down

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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    RE: Roland, If you're a fundamental investor why are you in IFN and concerned about the price of it after you've bought. You should have already done sufficient research to ensure that even if the price declines significantly post-purchase, you'd still be comfortable with the company.

    If you're a technical trader, why the hell are you still in IFN, don't stop losses mean stop the losses?

    http://www.jochimaker.com/ - Blogging my trades and opinions.

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    Default Re: IFN - Infigen Energy

    ahhh, a couple of good questions..

    IFN happens to be one of my nemisis's, it's wrong - but I just can't help it sometimes. All this work and unrealised versus realised still has me in the red by $2.5K

    Just for a laugh, I've posted up the trades
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