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    Start the ball rolling with this:

    Asset Class Risk & Return in Australian Markets:

    Asset Class
    Likelihood of a negative return
    Likely long-term return %


    Australian Bonds
    2 yrs in 14

    Listed Property Trusts
    2 yrs in 7

    International Shares
    2 yrs in 6

    Australian Shares
    2 yrs in 6

    Source: Perpetual Private Clients Division

    Intersting to see the small difference in Listed Property Trusts vs Shares and oz vs int. shares

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    Do these statistics assume re-invested returns/dividends & do they include franking credits?

    Whether you think you can, or think you can't; you are right.

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    Sorry Mofra I don't know.

    Post should have been more like a table. Have asked Joe if he can help fix it so it looks better.

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