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    Hi all,
    well after being shown the red card on HC by the ubber bear depressive mods, need a place for discussion. very good views on this forum.. HC full of manic depressive down rampers, who only know how to short and the odd one or 2 similar liked ilks to my myself.
    Im ultra Bullish, have been since Nov 08, LT portfolio doing very well.. All bought between October 08 and Now ,always on down days.
    I dont short, I dont downramp, I aslo dont upramp and post wishful thinking and false hope..
    My strategy is simple , to buy as many proven blue chip and mid tier shares at the bottom of the market and their 6 year lows and to hold them for 18 months to 2 years minimum. Mainly resource, energy and infrastructure, so bulk of my portfolio made up with WOR, LEI, BLY,IPL, ORI,TOE,PDN,MAH,FMG,POS,MIN,OZL,ADX,BHP,

    Interesting to hear the views on the current situation. See many people reckon we still have to revisit the lows to go further, I dont agree with this, and cannot on earth see a situation where a new low either on DJIA or XJO would come from, baring a major unforeseen catastrophic event which could happen of course.

    Im sitting well, long and very happy, I love the dips and spikes, I always try and add to my portfoilio on the dips and have been averaging up for the last 2 months now. This had to happen after buying majority of my stocks in October- early Feb... Bhp $ 21, WOR $12, PDN $ 2.25, IPL $1.77 MAH 0.32 to name a few.

    I truly have felt even at the depth of the doom and gloom that the Australian share market is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity... There will not be a chance like this again taking out of thye equation above unforseen catastrophic evens.

    Now going into 09, stabilisation, and sidewards movement, there will be a major leg up going into Q3 09, that is sure. I predict a DJIA of mid 10k and an All ords of 4200 at year end.....
    the worst is behind, ive made my move and am half way there. buy at the bottom.. Now then just got to time the exit strategy mid to end of 2010...

    Hope this forum is kinder to me than HC, The terminal bearishness of the average poster there is bordering on paranoid dillusion. It is a short and downramping forum for traders of that sentiment.

    Hope the markets good to you

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    Default Re: Sentiment into Q3 2009

    The other day on the ABC radio Madonna King I think made a comment about the stock market 'continuing to spiral downwards'. I had to laugh because it's risen steadily for the last 6 months. It seems all 'sentiment' can concentrate on the previous years falls.

    After the all ords peaked in 2007, it took me about a year to realise the stock market was actually falling! (because all i could concentrate on was the 4-5 years of rising).

    Maybe it will be similar for this leg, another 6 months of uncertaintly, some people thinking it's falling, some people thinking it's rising. Until a year from the bottom, I predict sentiment will be that it's a new bull again. And it'll shoot up like crazy.

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