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    With figures being bandied around of an expected up to 10% unemployment rate Iím starting to wonder just how high that figure will actually be.
    Once, if you were unemployed, you registered with CES and they had job boards and acted as an employment agency. However, since that function has been outsourced (with rewards to private operators for getting people off various government benefits) unemployment statistics have become even more unreliable than ever.
    If you are part of a couple and you lose your job but your partner is still working then you are not eligible for unemployment benefits. Thatís fair enough I suppose. And I guess the Family Supplement will help if you have young children. But as there is very little benefit for a private employment agency to help you find work, then you are pretty much on your own. There is no registry for people in this position.
    For some years, I havenít existed regarding unemployment figures. I eventually learnt to trade and derived an income during the last bull market (and paid taxes) but have not been active since late 2007. (Although just recently Iíve dipped my toes back into the water....)
    I was not eligible for the first $900 payment and I am not eligible for this current one either. Not the end of the world for my household financially but being marginalised like this is a completely different story. Not existing was my own private joke, however, this year as the economy starts to bite; I now have 3 friends who have also found themselves no longer deemed to exist.
    They have lost their jobs, found employment agencies arenít that interested in helping them because their hubbies are working, donít have young kids so nothing doing regarding Family Supplement .....wonít get any $900 (and some could sure use it) but most importantly are not counted in any statistics regarding the unemployment figures the govít releases.
    We are thinking of getting a bumper sticker printed along the lines of ďI donít exist and I voteĒ
    Wondering just how big the market may be?

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    Don't worry too much daisy, you will still exist in the rapidly declining income rate which the government derives from taxation.

    From what I understand, the only reason you and your friends haven't simply gone to Centrelink to register as unemployed is because...wait...why haven't you gone to Centrelink to register as unemployed (even without claiming benefits) if you want to show up in the statistics?

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    Unemployment stats are NOT measured based on who has registered at Centrelink etc. The ABS runs a monthly survey where they track a large number of people and use those results to statistically extrapolate the national employment picture. See here: http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@....9?OpenDocument for a more detailed explanation.



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    Yes. I think therefore I am. The question is, do YOU exist? I am unable to determine that.

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