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    Default Do ambos overreact?

    An abseiler is rescued in the Blue Mountains today and she is described as "refusing transport to a hospital".

    Maybe she knows better than the paramedics.

    Our local ED in Townsville is chronically overwhelmed and I wonder if sometimes people are there when they should not be.



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    Well as a burn't out ,worn out ambo of 26 years experience I can tell you exactly what the scenario is: Your training is to offer transport to every patient to the nearest A & E so they can be assessed by a doctor. This 'covers your ****' should the person detiorate. If they dont want to go you hopefully get them to sign a 'refused transport ' sticker. Stacks of people no doubt are transported unnecessarily, just like many of the walk ins to A & E who treat it as their GP. From my experience ambo's get little or no support from their management if they use their judgement and experience and move outside protocols. when I last saw them in NSW there were about 65 treatment protocols for various emergencies nearly all of which include the word TRANSPORT. so if you plan on being around to collect your 'super' you transport.

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    Well as a burn't out ,worn out ambo of 26 years experience




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