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    Hi all

    Trying to find which is the better broker for EOD CFD trading. From what I an gather Go Markets is a lot cheaper. Heres the differences I have found so far

    Go Markets
    .1% commision, $6 minimum trade
    $37.50 for market data

    MF Global
    .125% commission, $12.50 minimum trade.
    $81.95 for market data and software, if 8-16 trades are made per month its $40.70 and above 16 there are no fees.

    From the above it would seem Go Markets is clearly a better choice, but after searching this site I cant find any recommendations for it, everyone likes MF Global. Why is this?



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    Been trading CFDs over US stocks with MF Global for a couple of years now. Only reason I chose them was because of their conditional orders.

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    Ive been looking for another choice of broker with DMA compared to MF Global (mainly because of their pricing) and GO Markets definitely looks OK.

    Direct Market Access (DMA)
    If you are looking to trade or scalp the market aggressively, it is essential to have direct access to the Order Book. GO Markets DMA gives you direct market access to 11 international exchanges allowing you to interact directly with the Order Book. Other features of DMA trading are:

    Trade at the current yellow strip price or better using limit orders
    Trade inside the spread
    Work orders in less liquid stocks
    Join the current yellow strip price to buy at the Bid price or sell at the Offer price using limit orders
    Might have to d/l the demo and see what the platforms like.

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