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    Default Difference between "Futures" Contracts & CFDs?

    Hi there,

    I am trying to learn more about Futures, in particular, the difference between Futures contracts and CFDs.

    Like shares, can you buy Futures (eg, oil or gold) in either a contract form, or a CFD form?

    What is the fundamental difference between the two (apart from that CFDs probably don't go into the market order book)?

    What would you recommend? Contracts or CFDs?

    Does each contract "expire" at the end of the month? How does this affect the value? Is it more difficult to liquidate a contract near the end of the month?

    Can you see each incoming order to buy or sell a Futures Contract (like you can with shares)?

    Thanks in advance If you have any resources that clearly explain these principles, can you please post.

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    Default Re: Difference between "Futures" Contracts & CFDs?

    I posted some info on the differences between CFDs and Futures a couple of days ago whcih might answer some of your questions.

    The contents of this post were tested, ruthlessly, on small, cute, furry animals. Most of them were fatally harmed. Hence, if this post causes irritation, please discontinue reading immediately.

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    Default Re: Difference between "Futures" Contracts & CFDs?

    Thanks Timmy. Will be reading later on this week

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