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    Smile Mortgages and the middle class news

    Well, well well, what have we found here....I cannot copy the report...subject to copyright...but see the link...........
    all this from the Australian institute
    go to discussion papers....the state of the australian middle class....
    its very interesting reading...
    the 'typical family' must include one child...excludes singles, retirees etc
    this TF represents 25% of the population...63% of the middle class...MC
    have no mortgage, 40% have a mortgage less than 100k (figures seem a bit out or I have read it wrong, ok differences between AI figures and ABS)
    disposable income is $69073 pa.....
    prime age households make up 58% of the population...they took out kids on low wages starting in the workforce, and excluded the oldies working part time......
    all very interesting discusses media article about struggling families and mortgage stress....
    the paper was written in Oct 07......
    excellent read....

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