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    I am curious to know how people collate their trade stats.
    Consider these results: -8, +14, -6, +34(+22,+12), -4

    The +34 result includes an additional entry (pyramid) and the total position is managed with one exit.

    5 trades: 2W(40%) +48 with AW = 24, 3L -18 with AL = -6, Expectancy = (0.4 x 24)-(0.6 x 6) = 6.0 )


    6 trades: 3W(50%) +48 with AW = 16, 3L -18 with AL = -6, Expectancy = (0.5 x 16)-(0.5 x 6) = 5.0 )

    I use the first method. Does it matter, not really. It may depend on where your focus is. Do you work on your W% or do you work on improving your expectancy?

    I don't worry about my W% as long as its >50%, but I do try and improve my AW/AL by keeping my losses small and add to winning trades to increase my AW.


    There is another aspect relating to our stats. How do you describe those break even trades? If you win only a few dollars when you exit after moving your SL to BE is this a winning trade? I class all my very small wins (<0.1R) as losers, because I have risked a much larger amount and not profited significantly for that risk. This decision lowers my W% but again I am not too concerned by this.
    Cheers, Peter.

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    For breakeven trades it can depend on your account size.
    You'd probably want a > 0.1% gain to call it better than breakeven

    IE: for a $50,000 account you'd probably want to make 50 bucks to call it a winner


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    Default Re: Trading stats

    I personally use the second method when I pryamid a trade and also partially exit a trade - it is treated as a seperate trade. Doesn't really matter imo as it will all come out in the wash - the overall profit is what matters.

    For breakeven trades if I return even 10c after brokerage it is considered a win. if it loses 10c it is a loss. The only time I count a true breakeven trade is if it returns $0.00. This obviously affects my ave win & ave loss, but again this all comes out in the wash over time, I'm more concerned about my overall profitability then the stats.
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    Default Re: Trading stats

    All pyrimid / partial exits are one single trade for me. Because they are the same signals / trade management etc.

    Slightly trickier to record on a spreadsheet, however.

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