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    Noticed there is no thread for AHD so thought i might add one.

    AHD has been around for many years and owns quality assets such as:
    The Thredbo alpine resort, the state theatre, cinemas (birch, carrol & cole and greater union) and Rydges Hotels and Resorts.

    Although AHD has exposure to the current economic climate, with lower occupancy levels in hotels and less people going to the snow, i beleive that it's quality assets warrant an argument for AHD to be a long term buy.

    Huntley's recommendation for AHD is currently Accumulate and it said that:
    AHD has evolved through stringent cost management initiatives to derive acceptable economic returns from assets in mature industries. Its proactive approach to differentiate and innovate while managing costs has enabled it to milk assets for cash. We expect it to continue to implement a range of strategies to ensure it retains its track record of delivering healthy fully franked dividends.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts on AHD?

    Thanks in advance

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    After looking at this stock for a couple of days, I'm liking it so far. Going to look over its previous annual reports a little more before I buy into it, probably wait for a bit of a price pull back too. But fundamentals look strong from what I can see.

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    AHD would appear to be a great "in and out" type of stock...at least it has
    been over the last 12 months or so, must have an in depth look at AHD.
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    Default Re: AHD - Amalgamated Holdings

    Is anyone currently watching/analysing AHD?

    It is currently in my portfolio and been sitting really flat. I've noticed a low correlation with the market since their recent share rights offer.

    What would someone analyse the market psychology on AHD to be? My research shows me minimal grounds to make any assumptions.

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    Default Re: EVT - Event Hospitality and Entertainment

    On December 22nd, 2015, Amalgamated Holdings Limited (AHD) changed its name and ASX code to Event Hospitality and Entertainment Limited (EVT).

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