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    Cool Directors buying/selling data?

    Hi All

    Does anyone know of a website that lists a company's Insider transactions/directors' transactions in real time? Is www.asx.com.au the best source for this data?



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    These guys do it. But dont know about R/T.


    I spent a couple of weeks investigating the relationship between director buying and or selling (Heavy buying and or selling).
    Over 300 cases I actually found an INVERSE relationship.

    Although these guys and common sence would indicate the exact opposite!
    Not so.

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    Thanks Tech/a.


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    Default Re: Directors buying/selling data?

    Tech - In your opinion what is the best supply/demand indicator?



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    My views are a little different to mainstream on this but broadly:

    Range and Volume

    Rather than the much regurgitated High volume = Strength mantra I find Extremely low volume a better indicator.

    Of course there needs to be a combination of previous price/volume factors to be placed into consideration/context with this form of analysis.

    As an example these were the comment I made with regard to AIO on another forum in R/T back a little while ago,its a trade I did take and am now out. Have a look and you'll see what I mean. Also have a look at your own charts and see if you can see a commonality.

    This was prior discussion

    Youll find this common in ALL timeframes.
    A very involved topic in its own right.
    One in which I spend most of my time in trading and re inventing the Volume Range Wheel. or R&D
    Thats how important I see it.

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    Default Re: Directors buying/selling data?

    In answer to your question Caeser another example from yesterday.

    Note the EXTREMELY low volume on (1) and (2) Bars!
    Attached Images

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    Default Re: Directors buying/selling data?

    Cheers Tech/a.

    Can you recommend a book for dummies on TA?

    Also - this doc may be of interest to you. See who sources the R/T data from ASX.



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