We are Non-US Resident aliens and we are living out of USA. Last year (Jan. 2008) we formed an Limited Liability Company (a Partnership with two individuals - shareholders) in West Palm Beach, Florida.da. Our Gross Incomes are no more than $5000 and we don't have any employees. We are doing web design, search engine optimization, graphic design services and etc. The largest percentage of our business activity are web design services. We are NOT selling our services in USA.

We have to file for (isn't it):
"U.S. Return of Partnership Income - Form 1065"
"U.S. Return of Partnership Income - Schedule K-1"
and another one "U.S. Return of Partnership Income - Schedule K-1"

May I fill and file those federal tax forms above on my own without any professional help?

How to send IRS those forms above and how to pay my taxes (if I have to pay any taxes)?

What's the tax rate for non-US citizens who're owners of US company?

What's the deadline to pay and file our tax report? - The tax year is: 01.Jan.2008 - 31.Dec.2008

Should I fill a "Gross receipts or sales" in the Form 1065, because I don't have any incomes from USA for the tax year?

Should I fill any "Deductions" in the Form 1065 - I have an expenses from USA companies?

What's the right code for our Principal Business Activity when we're using "U.S. Return of Partnership Income Form 1065"?

I'm talking about the items below from "Form 1065 - U.S. Return of Partnership Income":

For Example:
A Principal business activity:
Specialized Design
B Principal product or service:
Web Design
C Business code number:

Instructions: "Once the Principal Business Activity is determined, enter the six-digit code from the list below on page 1, item C. Also enter a brief description of the business activity in item A and the principal product or service of the business in item B."

Is it should be a "code - 541519 - Other Computer Related Services" or "code - 541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services", "code - 541512 - Computer Systems Design Services"?

What should I pay at all?
*) I've already paid my partnership annual report - $138.

Thank you in advance!