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    Thumbs down CFD broker for $5-mini Aussie200?

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a CFD provider which, when I put a trade on the Aussie 200 $5 mini, I wont instantly be down 2 ticks, but rather, 1 tick (ie a 1-tick spread rather than 2).

    I find that IGMarkets, besides f#$%^ing around with my datafeed and sometimes "conveniently" dis-allowing trades, is simply charging too much ...

    Not a happy bunny ....


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    Go Markets offer a CFD on the SPI with a spread of 1 and starting from .1 contract size ($2.50)
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenn_r View Post
    Go Markets offer a CFD on the SPI with a spread of 1 and starting from .1 contract size ($2.50)
    wow thats pretty good. what is their commission? I'm completely moving to futures now, but it was interesting to see someone offer less than a 2 point spread. I was considering them as a broker for futures actually. IB seems better for me, but I am still in the research stage.

    What are they like? Good feed? Platform seems ok from the demo.

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