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    Default Smallest ASX stocks?

    Does anybody know where I can find a list of the smallest stocks on the asx by market cap?

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    Default Re: Smallest ASX stocks?

    The smallest stock I would hazard a guess at would be Brisconnect "trading" at 0.01 on the market with no actual orders and in reality trading off market at 0.0001c

    I think this website has it for you.
    The Securities csv file has all the securities and market caps, although it looks like it has some errors as many are listed as a value of 1.
    It also lists options.

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    Default Re: Smallest ASX stocks?

    Here's the bottom 20 active stocks from an old list i have

    LVL LV Living Limited 1,419,430
    GBA Grandbridge Limited 1,409,675
    RNI Resource and Investment Nl 1,395,092
    HIT HiTech Group Australia Limited 1,364,000
    FRV Fall River Resources Limited 1,319,430
    IDE IDEAS International Limited 1,318,068
    DMY Dromana Estate Limited 1,308,090
    ICV Incitive Limited 1,305,000
    GTE Great Western Exploration Limited 1,267,732
    MRY Monteray Group Limited 1,200,129
    HEA Health Corporation Limited 1,144,921
    PXR Palace Resources Limited 1,136,226
    BZI BrainZ Instruments Limited 1,067,459
    USH U.S. Masters Holdings Limited 996,228
    PHL Pearl Healthcare Limited 991,186
    ERJ Enerji Ltd 909,270
    GRP Great Pacific Capital Limited 906,695
    CLD Costarella Design Limited 788,416
    ENI Empowernet International Limited 788,111
    QSS Questus Limited 596,729
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