When Giants Fall is Michael Panzner's follow up to Financial Armageddon. Panzner is not as well known as Peter Schiff but he was saying the same type of things as Schiff a few years back. He used to be a regular on Kudlow & Company and was often laughed at and mocked, he's not invited back anymore because he has been right, Kudlow generally only invites guests on that agree with him, or in other words have been completely wrong for the past 2 years.

Panzner gave a speech at the New York Public Library at the end of February in which he lays out the themes of his book. A lot of people will label Panzner a nutjob but those same people are probably listening to the ones who never saw any of this coming. Click here to view the presentation, make sure you have a bit of time, it runs a little less than 2 hours.