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    Default Teaching English Overseas

    Has anybody ever done/looked into this?

    I have been looking at some companies etc and see that TESOL pops up a bit.

    I just have a few questions for anybody who has researched/done this:

    - What company did you go with? Costs $$$?
    - Is it a necessity to have an certificate?
    - Is obtaining a placement hard?
    - Which country did you work in?

    Anything else you want to add feel free =)

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    Default Re: Teaching English Overseas

    Hi JTLP,

    Over on ATF there is a thread about this:

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    Default Re: Teaching English Overseas

    I taught English in South Korea for one year. It seems to be the best place in Asia to save money while teaching as the pay is good and the cost of living is very low. You do not need a TEFL qualification as long as English is your first language and you have a degree in anything you can go. the best place to find jobs, speak to other English teachers and schools is: daves esl cafe, i can't post the site, but search for it!

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    Default Re: Teaching English Overseas

    Was doing the teaching engrish thing in the land of the rising sun for couple of years. This was way back when the exchange rate was at it's best, did'nt need any teaching quals, just a B.A in anything would do. Great experience and was easy to land a job upon arrival. Things may have changed though.

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    Default Re: Teaching English Overseas

    Kudos People...

    I was leaning more towards Europe or Central America though.

    Maybe Kennas can accommodate me whilst I look

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    Default Re: Teaching English Overseas

    A friend of mine has had four stints of teaching medical English in China.
    He really enjoyed working with the students, many of whom he remains in touch with.

    I think being exposed to the communist system also allowed him to appreciate what we enjoy here in Australia.

    He has medical qualifications but none in teaching. This didn't seem to be a problem at all.

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    Default Re: Teaching English Overseas

    Hi I have done plenty of research on this.

    In recent months, lots of the online job offers have dried up for all the exotic countries, Morrocco, Peru, Mexico, etc. Experienced TEFLers will tell you you need to be there to get the jobs, fair enough, but it's a bit risky!

    What remains is Thailand (www.ajarn.com), Vietnam (www.saigonesl.com), Japan (www.gaijinpot.com), Taiwan, China, South Korea, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia/Abu Dahbi, and a few other countries if you dig about.

    I didn't provide links for the last bunch because you might like to check out www.eslcafe.com for them, there is links on the sidebar for "Korean Job Board", "International Job Board" with pretty good job ads, and seperate forums for both. Ajarn also has a Korea section in the forum.

    Japan pays the best at the moment thanks to the exchange rate (AUD4000ish/month). You need proper teaching quals to teach in the Middle East. South Korea is about AUD2200ish a month and more benefits like they'll pay your flight, housing and organise visa and things. Unfortunately this means you can be beholden to your school for your visa. Plenty of horror stories out there, apparently South Korea is quite racist sometimes. Thailand can range from 25,000 baht (Chiang Mai, Bangkok) to 30,000-40,000 for rural schools and experience, 40-45,000 sometimes in Bangkok if you are good. Vietnam is something like 10-15USD an hour but you will get paid in Dong and need to convert it either at poor exchange rate the bank provides or on the black market. Also, I haven't seen a single Vietnam job ad since the GFC began.

    All wages paid are far above avg wage for that country.

    The problem in all countries is twofold for newcomers with no experience. A bunch of shops are closing up thanks to GFC, and there is a higher number of experienced teachers to fill new roles. As well, lots of teachers who would normally stay only 1 year are hanging about for fear of whats going on at home.

    Basically you can tell where the jobs still are when you go to eslcafe.com international forum and see which country forums haven't had a post since October. All the countries still offering jobs have the standard newbie qs about cost of living and cert requirements, visa things or background checks because it is hiring time around now (especially Thailand).

    I was thinking about doing it this year but in Japan and there are apparently lots and lots of qualified teachers flocking there for the good exchange rate coupled with schools closing up adding more qualified teachers to the pool.

    Just got a phone interview for job at Melbourne Uni (I'm in Sydney) so will be exploring that.


    EDIT: Ooops answer your qs

    Quote Originally Posted by JTLP View Post
    - What company did you go with? Costs $$$?
    - Is it a necessity to have an certificate?
    - Is obtaining a placement hard?
    There are a few companies. AEON, Westgate, JET for Japan. Thailand has ECC and International House. South Korea has jillions of different recruiters. Most countries require a degree (of whatever discipline) and a TEFL cert (which you can do in either 100 hour online course or 120 hours 4 week intensive course locally or in a country like Thailand or Sth Korea). There is also a CELTA cert (teaching adults) more expensive but good for if you want to target universities in Japan or Mexico. Placement might be hard this year, we won't know for sure till after the placement periods for each country.
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    Default Re: Teaching English Overseas

    If you're wanting to find work on your own, this site has some great resources / and other sites to check out the 'Find your own job' section on onlinetefl.com

    Good Luck!

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