After reading about the ANZ deciding to move their day to day Office Admin or Back Office work (800 aussie jobs) to India...I was left wondering "why stop there"?
The place where I work has done/is doing something similar and I've been reassured that my section and our jobs are all safe; but I don't see why.

Can anyone explain why you can't move the entire head office and all parts of the business except for the warehouse and shop fronts to countries where labor costs are much cheaper?
I always here the same old perceptions about India and the others not being able to perform marketing, managerial, and other jobs that we think require more in-depth knowledge and skills (tertiary education).
I don't completely buy into this since we're not born with these qualities, we learn them and it must be a hell of a lot cheaper to provide this education in cheaper countries; acknowledge the problem being exporting our educational institutions first or finding away to provide high quality education on the cheap in these places. And the other important quality is our experience we gain from working in the organisations and forming the relationships that we do; again I don't see this stopping us from relocating to the cheaper world.

What does everyone else think, are there government regulations that prevent this from happening? Or will it just take the current financial crisis and one entrepreneur to move the playing field while things are cheap to complete the trend?