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    There is an interview with George Soros being published in a magazine insert in The Australian newspaper tomorrow (Friday,20 March). The magazine is a free insert in metropolitan centres only apparently.

    Preview of the article at this link.

    Given Sorosí legendary status (with me at least), Iíll be buying the paper tomorrow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmy View Post
    Given Sorosí legendary status (with me at least), Iíll be buying the paper tomorrow.
    You and me both.

    Nobody can dispute the ~31%p.a. returns that Quantum has pulled since the 1960s.

    The longest track record in the business.

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    Soros could not rule out a collapse of the euro......

    Story from the GUARDIAN

    GEORGE Soros, the billionaire financier who famously ''broke'' the pound, has warned that German economic policy threatens to tear the euro zone apart, and said he could not rule out a collapse of the euro.

    As the credit outlook for southern European high-deficit countries worsened yesterday, Mr Soros said Berlin needed to switch its economic policy from deep austerity measures to a more pro-growth agenda.

    (German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced plans this month for Ä80 billion ($A113 billion) in budget cuts.)

    ''German policy is becoming a danger for Europe,'' Mr Soros said. ''Right now the Germans are dragging their neighbours into deflation, which threatens a long phase of stagnation. And that leads to nationalism, social unrest and xenophobia. Democracy itself could be at risk.''

    In an address at a Berlin University on Wednesday night, he stressed the point: ''By insisting on pro-cyclical policies, Germany is endangering the European Union. I realise that this is a grave accusation but I am afraid it is justified.''

    He described the euro as ''a patently flawed construct'' and said Germany was putting the currency at risk by no longer pursuing deeper political and economic union.

    The credit outlook of southern European high-deficit countries suffered yesterday, pushing Portugal's borrowing costs higher and sending Greece's debt insurance prices to almost record highs. But in Britain, borrowing costs fell after Moody's said Tuesday's budget cuts would help the country keep its rating.


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