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    Is this commodity pair high enough in volume? typical spread?

    is there anywhere i can find a weekly or daily chart? my gomarkets platform has little to history for commodities...

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    question times 2 on historical data for commodities and indexes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormin_Norman View Post
    question times 2 on historical data for commodities and indexes.
    yeh cos it only has the futures for like that month

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    SUGAR -ICE Futures (US) 11 March 2011:

    As it was mentioned above, divergence between sugar and RSI caused fall in sugar price. it is also has broken the resistance line .


    In long term of view we have a uptrend channel and sugar could not break this channel .


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    I normally dont take much notice of CNBC but a few months ago when jimmy rogers was on he specificlly talked about sugar and rice and since im a big fan i got in... Did quite well long on both i closed everything on news of quake but got back in on both long the other day cant remember exact price off my head but rough rice @ 11.7 is a total bargain!!

    Sugar is a nice story compated to my attepts at trading usd/yen and nekkei this week.... Those were not so fun lol
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