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    Good Morning everyone.

    Have just purchased tradesim and i am running metastock v10.1.

    I have been transferring all the systems i have created into the explorer to test using tradesims platform. However, when i am running these explorations the end result is always the same. I get a list of the initial securities, all with one open trade (none rejected)

    Trade Database version 10
    wARNING! - Price Filter Enabled
    wARNING! - Prices will automatically be modified if they fall outside the daily range
    ) 1 AAc short Total Number or short Trades written to the trade database ror [AAc] is 1, (which includes 1 open trades) (0 trades were rejected).
    First date scanned from security data [14-sep-2005] - Last date scanned from security data [16-Mar-2009)
    Available Records/Total Records: (879/899)
    AAc short wARNING! - All trades written to the trade database for [AAc] are open trades.

    This is what it says for each security. I know for a fact that there should be a variety of trades taken.

    Is there something I have missed, or should be doing that will fix this error.

    Thanks for your help.

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    At a guess, it looks like it is not exiting properly. If you would be prepared to PM me a Tradesim exploration you have set up in MS, I can try to pinpoint the problem.

    I promise I won't steal your idea or share it with anyone. I've been using Tradesim successfully for awhile and have my own very profitable systems.

    I will understand if you don't want to. In that case perhaps share as much you're willing to here in the open forum and you will get feedback from other users as well.

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