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    I just watched the 3 parts of the Jon Stewart (The Daily Show on Comedy Channel) and Jim Cramer (Mad Money on CNBC) interview.

    Bit of background. Jon Stewart has skewered CNBC and in particular Jim Cramer for basically talking up the market and being unable or unwilling to recognise how totally corrupt the system was. Did a great job of editing a series of clips with Jim Cramer a few days ago.


    Jim comes onto Jon's show and there is a 15-20 minute interview which encapsulates the whole sorry saga of the Wall street pumping and dumping.

    I can't remember seeing such a clear, and intelligent expose of what has gone so badly but obviously wrong with our financial system and basically our financial security.

    Check it out. Look forward to other feedback.


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    Default Re: Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer Interview


    And yep, it was an interesting interview

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    Thanks Always Learning

    I was surprised I couldn't find a thread on this topic ... which was obviously why I started a new one.

    Still urge everyone to check it out. We desperately need a reality check and probably the most important one is getting over the idea that creating and manipulating stock markets is anything more that "legal" theft.


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