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    Note on the 2nd page investors getting Richer this year are George Soros and Richard Perelman and short seller John Paulson.

    This has got me thinking.

    I remember George Soros saying just before or after Lehman Going under

    That what is happening now is just the beginning of the storm.

    Now when people like him say comments like that and they are in short positions, then naturally the market will react negatively. So for this guy to say that all hell will break loose he is just filling his own pockets.

    Example 2. Warren Buffet comes out the other day saying the US economy has fallen off a cliff. Well the Dow falls 300 points or more on this comment.

    Example 3. Bernanke comes out yesterday with an up beat take on the US economy saying recovery may be imminent in early 2010. The Dow nearly goes up 400 points. Maybe Bernanke had placed a few long bets that morining and later in the day closed out making him a quick buck - hence his smiling grin to the cameras.

    Just thinking out loud but it's a bit suspect.

    Gee I wish we had the vision to go short like Soros. He and his buddies were behind the media hype and the shorting making the market collapse further. - Ok again just thinking out loud.

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    Soros is a philosopher/thinker first and has applied his theory of reflexivity to the markets very successfully. For him the markets are about trying out ideas. Making money is a byproduct of it.

    IMO, his theory of reflexivity makes way more sense than academic nonsense like the efficient market theory. He thinks through events in one market to see how they might impact another market. He then positions himself to take advantage of that domino effect through reflexive outcomes. Have a read of some of his stuff if you're prepared to think hard.

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