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    Hi guys,

    I realised we probably don't have a Treasury thread, seems most of the discussion for this instrument occurs in the "Imminent and severe market correction thread" and the gold thread!

    So I figured it was time to started one.

    I will set the stage with the daily chart of the 30y yield showing a large gap off NYSE Wedsnesday market and also this article by bloomberg

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    Disclosure: Long cash, gold, stocks.

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    I'm already short of treasuries for the reasons mentioned in the article (increased supply of T's will drive the price down). Hope I'm not too early though. The instrument I used is TBT listed in the US

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    You can short long term treasuries with ETFs like TBT.
    With yields at 2-3% or so, and record amounts of supply coming onto the market, prices on long term treasuries will most likely fall.

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