Thoughts of survival

If you were born after 1979, this doesn’t have anything to do with you...but read on.
When you were a child living in the 50`s, 60`s or 70`s, looking back, is unbelievable to accept they you survived so long!
As a child, you sat in cars without seat-belts and without any airbags.
Your bed was painted with fabulous bright paints filled with led and cadmium.
You could open the drugstore bottles with no problem at all. Especially those bleach bottles that were hidden under the washbowl.
Doors and drawers were a continuous menace for your fingers.
You never wore a helmet to ride a bike and drank water from the faucet instead from bottles.
Go-karts were built from old wood that your Dad left in the basement. Then you discovered that you forgot to build in the brakes, on the first time riding down a hill.
Well we got along with a few accidents.
We left home early in the morning to play and stayed outside the whole day long till the street lamps went on.
Nobody knew where we were and didn’t have a handy.
We got ourselves cut, broke our bones and teeth but nobody was sued for it.
They were simply accidents.
It was nobodies fault except our own. Nobody was asked about his or her “supervision duty”.
Could you remember your “accidents”???
We hit and kicked ourselves “black & blue”…and had to live with it, because it wouldn’t interest our parents.
Eating thick chocolate-chip cookies, bread with fat butter and milkshakes didn’t make us that thick. Nor drinking from the same bottles that your friend drank from did anyone decease.
We didn’t have a computer. We had friends…We just went out and met them on the street.
Or just went to their home and ringed the bell.
Sometimes we just marched in without ringing, without an appointment or permission from our parents.
Nobody drove us there or picked us up. How was that possible?
We figured out games out of tennis-balls and wooden sticks, and ate worms:
The worms did not live in our stomachs and sticks didn’t really stick out many eyeballs.
He or she that was good at playing ball was allowed to play. He, who didn’t know how, just had to learn…to get along with disappointments.
Some kids weren’t as clever as others. They rattled through exams and repeated classes.
They didn’t bring although, to emotional open-school meetings or a change in the “assessment performance”.
Our Moms were sometimes consequent…it was normal (and very hard to hide yourself)!
When one of us violated the law, it was clear that our parents wouldn’t bother to help us.
On the contrary; they had the same opinion of the policemen! Outrageous!
Our generation has had a fullness of innovative people that has discovered many solutions and inventions with a bit of calculated risk.
We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility.
All summed up: we survived
And you belong to them.