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    well after a rip snorting Friday night at the Bootenal tavern i decided to see what other ASF members have been listening to on the band circuits and to hopefully hear about some new talent out there

    Friday night saw 2 young blokes "jack and Phil " doing a support act for "lightening jack".

    jack and phil ........... lol 2 young blokes not even old enough to buy a beer but BOY can they groove . blasting out Blues originals and also a few muddy water covers... voices of angels ..... a very bright future indeed

    Lightening jack .now this fella can set a dance floor on fire with his steel guitar and mind blowing harp ...... have not seen anyone that could produce the same energy in a crowd since Ash grunwald played up these parts . DEFINATELY one to keep an eye out for in the circuits

    Ash grunwald.......... DO NOT MISS if around your area

    Blue King Brown.......... Ditto .but make sure you got your dancing shoes as these guys have a groove that will steal your feet live

    anyways. this is just a small sample of what i have seen around the pubs that are not in the mainstream or hitting the fame and fortune spotlights as yet

    you guys got any worth seeing ?

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    sundance kids are good. from adelaide, and playing annandale tuesday 3rd march at 715pm....


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