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    Just on 2 hours to the cutting of the cards, and the crowd are still building to get a glimpse of these brave men who will clash heads tonight in the;

    Wednesday Night Poker “Battle of the Titans”

    The cream of the Aussie Stock Forum have come together to show their skills in a sign of utter contempt of the huge entry costs involved, sparing no expense in the pursuit of greatness…

    Controversy has dogged the event from the outset with rumors the tournament director has banned the use of Stan 101s funny head avatar, declaring it to be an unfair advantage in luring his opponents into a false sense of security.

    In other breaking news, the players have requested to be seated at least one position away from Gundini who is believed to be fresh from a weekend stay at the Neverland Ranch.

    So to all you fans sitting on the fence in total awe of these warriors spare a thought for the dedication, training, intestinal fortitude, and huge wallets, these combatants have brought to the table here!

    In the words of a great poker master:

    “Poker may be a branch of physiological warfare, an art form or indeed a way of life- but it is also merely a game, in which money is simply a means in keeping score.”

    Let the games begin!
    The simple things in life are free!

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    Default Re: Wednesday Night Poker!

    Word on the street is that there may be a last minute entry into this Coloseum... It is not known whether the late entry fees have been paid, but he is known to be a fierce competitor!
    The simple things in life are free!

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