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    Default *PM's+Currencies: Multi Year Trends*

    All based on TA only - no funnymentals.

    Gold multi-year uptrend is over.

    Euro multi-year uptrend is over.

    AUD multi-year uptrend is over.

    USD Index multi-year downtrend is over.

    Yen is bottoming.

    Silver: i don't think even silver itself knows what it's going to do next but it's looking ripe for a pullback imo.
    That triangle looks interesting and i think it wants to revert to the mean a bit.

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    Default Re: *PM's+Currencies: Multi Year Trends*

    Not sure about your "funnymentals" comment but looking at it from that perspective I basically agree with you. If the fundamentals and TA are saying the same thing then to me that suggests there is a fairly good chance of being right.

    Just wondering if you have a TA view on anything else? Eg the stock market indices or oil price?

    Just thinking that it could be interesting to do a few more comparissons of TA views with the various fundamental views that I and other people have.

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