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    13th March is a significant timing date . The most likely technical scenario could be a capitulation move into the low although it could turn out to be a counter trend high which looks less likely but in situations like this where multiple time frames move into close alignment one must keep their options open and as the market moves into this date pattern of trend and volume in relation to the position of geometric angles will provide us with a good indication as to mkt direction .

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    Sorry friends that date is incorrect . I was looking at something else .

    FTSE : 3rd April 2009

    50% of the high equals 3475 . price is currently holding above this point with the recent low at 3781 on 21st Nov 2008 . 50% of the high is an important technical level . Waiting for dates to swing around is ok particularly if it constitutes a significant change in trend and allows you to get in nice an early , then once the timing date is confirmed and trend swings up you can position yourself accordingly . I have several possible timing dates lined up across several stocks so there is always something to look at in between .

    3rd April is 90 deg and 45 deg in civil time or 90 & 45 weeks which can sometimes indicate a very strong turning point . These are strong numbers because 90 is 1/4 of a circle 45 is 1/8 of a circle . Position of time relative to the Geometric Angles is also very important and as we move closer to this date we can attempt to gauge whether price is above the Angles and in a strong position or in a weakening position below them .

    Long range angles are very important : From the 31st Dec 1999 High the Sun has moved 3381 deg which is equivalent to 3569 on the 3rd April . We dont expect price to hit this exact point on the nominated day and bounce of but the Angles do provide us with an accurate gauge which can be balanced against other factors like Time .

    The second Angle : From 14th March 2003 Low the Sun has moved 2212 deg which equals the 45 deg angle at 5476 on the 3rd April . If we halve this to 22.5 deg which is the 1 x 2 angle we have 4361 as resist . If price breaks above this point it will indicate higher .

    I will try and incorporate some Astrological calculations into the analysis .

    3569 = 29 Deg Aquarius or 329 Deg Geo
    On the 3rd April Geo Sun is at a 45 deg angle to price
    On the 3rd April Helio Sun is at a 135 deg angle to price

    4361 = 11 Deg Taurus or 41 Deg Geo
    On the 3rd April Geo Jupiter is at a 90 deg angle to price

    you get on board a long range trend

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    A shallow head and shoulders pattern has presented itself here as a congestion pattern within an uptrend. Would prefer if there was some confluence with other international markets. If neckline is broken, price target would be around 6500.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Asking the question at 6930. A zone of prior resistance. Go bulls.
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