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    Joe Hockey has been appointed as Shadow Treasurer. Finally a team that can take on the bespectacled Queenslanders before they indebt our kids to pay for baubles and trinkets to get us out of 'this mess' (read natural vagaries of the asset and economic cycle).

    Whatever you do Wayne, do not set aside any money for future productive ventures ok? We want $950 of plasmas and Nintendos to keep those 'check out chicks' in jobs!

    The Age:

    Joe Hockey has been confirmed as the new shadow treasurer following Liberal deputy leader Julie Bishop's resignation from the portfolio on Monday

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    Very good move by the Liberals. I remember when Costello said he didnt want top job that many people in the public a certain channel 7 morning host (koshie) wanted Hockey to run for the top spot.

    Placing Hockey with Turnbull provides a good combination of public appeal and determination to get the job done
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