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    both Reinhardt and Armstrong are onto the same nugget of truth: The markets are engineered to collapse or fail at regular intervals, and the lies given to the public are meant to mask the moves of the 'King' and his court...

    Here's the link to the amazing piece of writing he did from prison - It's Just Time. The Decline & Fall of the United States? The global Financial System? Or Capitalism? (in pdf format) -


    i had this page favourited months ago....same bloke...http://www.page88.co.za/cr/armstrong.shtml


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    Watch out this weekend By Dominic Frisby Apr 15, 2009

    Armstrong: "I know too much"
    27 February 2007 is not a date that stands out. It is not indelibly imprinted on the minds of millions; it does not carry the pain or notoriety of 9-11; unlike 'Black Wednesday', it has not been nicknamed Nor, like 31 August 1997, The Day Diana Died, did it send a nation into mourning.

    Yet the repercussions of this day are, quite simply, enormous. They may be felt for decades, and possibly mark the beginning of the next Great Depression. For this was the day the greatest credit bubble in history peaked and popped.

    And one man predicted this turn as far back as the 1970s. He is Martin Armstrong.

    What's more, another one of his turn dates is coming this weekend
    go to link for charts etc, and full article....http://www.moneyweek.com/news-and-ch...ore-14722.aspx


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    Who is tbtp?

    Wikipedia says that he was gaoled for fraud. Why should I believe what he has to say?

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